TV Shows That Are Going to Change 2020

The TV viewing experience is going to be a lot different in 2020 with major streaming platforms and some broadcasting networks coming forward with critical decisions. The type of shows that are going to be aired on TV in 2020 tends to range between a set of themes, and it’s going to be an innovative experience. So are you prepared to face them all? If you are, then proceed to read our list of TV shows that you need to check out in 2020.

Space Force

If you’re a fan of the classic mockumentary, “The Office”, then you need to check out Space Force that is going to be arriving on Netflix. Based on the space force branch of the military, the show stars the one and only Steve Carell, Diana Silvers, Ben Schwartz, Lisa Kudrow and so on. To make things a lot more interesting, you also need to know that it is being created by the person behind “The Office”, Greg Daniels.

classic mockumentary

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier

The introduction of the streaming platform, Disney+ was something that made people happy, as they proceeded to look at all the different kinds of shows that it is going to offer. From the many names that popped up on that list, it was hard to miss out on “The Falcon And The Winter Soldier”. With the timeline coming in sync with the adventures of End Game, the miniseries will include Captain America and Bucky Barnes.

That Friends Reunion

Although fans of the hit sitcom, “Friends” will have to live without the show for a while, HBO is going to make it worthwhile. Along with all the seasons, the arrival of HBO MAX will also include a special unscripted reunion of the main cast. So sit tight because they are going to be there for you.

That Friends Reunion

Impeachment: American Crime Story

Casting Beanie Feldstein as Monica Lewinsky is probably the greatest casting decision of all time. With that in hand, you need to get set for Impeachment: American Crime Story as it is going to arrive on FX sooner or later.

The Return of Lizzie McGuire

Apart from getting a peek into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Disney+ is coming forward with some great content in terms of “The Return of Lizzie Mcguire.” With Hilary Duff coming back as Lizzie McGuire, millennials from around the world have a reason to rejoice and be happy.

The New Gossip Girl

With the setting being a few years after the original series, “The New Gossip Girl” is going to arrive on HBO MAX. Apart from the same team of writers, this particular series will have a new addition with Joshua Safran joining the team.






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